"The Great Alcatraz Escape"
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Welcome to Alcatraz Prison, where you will play as either The Warden or as one of five playable Gang Leaders.  

Gang Leaders must plot intricate escape plans and procure escape equipment from across the prison to help navigate one of their many loyal Inmates to Freedom before Turn 29whilst simultaneously competing with backstabbing rival Gang Leaders, and a perverse Warden. 

Inspired by real life escapes made by inmates Frank Morris, and John and Clarence Anglin.
As well as from our favourite movies and TV shows such as The Shawshank Redemption, Escape from Alcatraz, The Great Escape, Escape at Dannemora, The Rock, and Prison Break.
As well as our favourite games like Memoir ’44 and Escape from Colditz.

 The game plays between 2-6 players. And is played on a foldable 889mm x 556mm hex board.
The board has over 1500 accessible hexes that allow massive freedom of movement and freedom of strategy. 

The board shows Alcatraz Island, consisting of the Inner Prison Walls and exterior buildings, two separate Security Fences,
and the island’s coastline.

The board is quick to set-up and is split into 6 segments/’Sectors’ upon which the prison Searchlight and Watchtowers
exercise control over using specific ‘Warden Cards’.

There are eight potential Freedom Hexes (marked out with the stars and stripes) that an Inmate of a Gang must reach FIRST 
(before another Gang Leader doesto Win.

The boardgame includes four playable modes : Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Team Mode and Riot Mode.
An average Story Mode game lasts between 100-150 Mins 

Each copy of ‘The Great Alcatraz Escape’ comes with 70 variously coloured meeples, and 100 playing cards (sneak peaks below).

The final board was designed by upcoming artist Benjamin Wilson – see his portfolio.
Playable prototype boards (see History section) have been designed and updated as the game has developed, in order to produce realistic and useful play test results. And has also been repeatedly blind tested to assure intuitive accessibility with simple to follow instructions. With artwork for the final box and Character Cards already designed, and suppliers for all elements in the game sourced.

Some of the boardgame mechanics found in ‘The Great Alcatraz Escape’ include: 
Resource Management – Card Drafting – Hand Management  
Route Building – Worker Placement Coop Backstabbing – 
Push Your Luck Bluffing Simulation 

Download "The Great Alcatraz Escape" Game Legend & Instructions
- Click image below

The box art, poster art, and playable character cards have been beautifully drawn by talented artist Guilherme Medeiros – see his portfolio.

The box cover reflects many elements of the game itself through a harrowing and dramatic scene of an Inmate of the Baffigo Gang narrowly escaping Alcatraz Island.

Update 03/06/2019 - Final Prototype copies demoed at the UKGE

Update 07/04/2019 - Final Board and Escape Equipment Token designs completed

Update 10/12/2018 - Newly designed Character Cards by Guilherme Medeiros

Update 04/10/2018 - Some of the playable 'Gang Cards' and 'Warden Cards'

Who are we?

Chris is an entrepreneur living in Cambridge, UK and has decades of experience in new media, toys, gifts, electronic games and gadgets. And has always enjoyed discovering new game play elements and mechanics that enhance and thrill.

- He has 25 years of experience in the Toy and Games industry. From start-up level, with 'Cambridge Toys and Games' to multinational level, as Head of Europe with NASDAQ quoted company 'Radica Games' (later sold to Mattel).

Favourite boardgames include Buccaneer, Chess, and his own creation, Sploosh.

Chris Dingley
CEO Online Media Ltd

Oscar is a MSc postgraduate, who began leading the design efforts since Feb 2017, from the game's initial conception. And has been involved in every stage of the game's development, helping bring to light his father's vision, and enjoying every part of it.

- He has 5 years experience in security risk management. Including 3 years working professionally in the SRM sector and managing small projects.
- Loves pursuing creative projects
- And has decades of experience boardgaming

Favourite boardgames include Memoir 44', Pandemic, and Risk.

Oscar Dingley Gallo
Project Director

Graham is a seasoned veteran of the Toys and Games industry, with decades of experience.

- He was VP of Sales for 'Radica Games', building US sales to $100M and leading on distribution with major outlets Walmart, Target, Kmart, and more. 

Favourite boardgames include Catan, Rising Sun, and Chess.

Graham Cotton
Project Advisor

A major fan of a good old fashioned boardgame, Adam brought his creative ideas and methodical mindset to help incorporate various established mechanics into the game.

Favourite boardgames include Axis & Allies, Escape from Colditz, Catan, and Scythe. 

Adam Harris
Game Advisor

A highly competitive boardgamer and chaotic dice roller, Jacopo was always on hand to offer his technical advice on issues relating to web development, graphic design, and procurement of prototype materials. 

Favourite boardgames include  Monopoly, Dixit, and Risiko!

Jacopo Baffigo
Technical Advisor